Venice Will Charge Huge Fines If You Don’t Have A Entry Pass-What Is The Reason Behind This?

Venice will charge entrance fees for tourists, know the details

Are you planning to visit Venice recently? Then this news could be helpful for you. From 2023, Venice will charge an entry fee to the visitors. If you are a tourist in Venice, the beautiful Italian city, then you have to pay a penny.
The tourism councillor of Venice, Simone Vintorini has announced the launch date at a press conference. According to the authority, this step will help to solve the over-tourism problem, the city is facing over the decades.

What will be the fee?

The Venice tourism authority will charge around 3 Euros to 10 Euros entrance fees from tourists for a daily visit. In the Indian currency, the visiting charge will be around Rs 247 to Rs 823. The entrance fee will depend on how crowded the city is at that time. It will help the committee to control the crowd and save the fragile city.
In Venice, the entrance fee structure will start from January 2023. Visitors have to create a reservation, where they have to pay the fees through an online system. People who will make a prior booking will be able to get some discounts.

What is the goal?

According to the tourism councillor, Simone Vintorini, the main goal behind this is to reduce the tourist peaks. It will help travellers to book their presence. Due to the large tourist accommodations, the tax rate is very high for the people of Venice. The new initiative will help the authority, reduce the tax fee for the locals.

Exemption in the rule-

All exempt people have to show proof of their rights in the city. There will be a QR code which will reveal if somebody deserves an exemption or not.
1. Residents.
2. Children under the age of Six.
3. Disabled people.
4. People who are coming to visit relatives.
5. People who are visiting for health reasons.
6. People who are coming to attend a cultural or sports event.
7. People who work in Venice.
8. Students who are registered in the city schools.
9. Property Owners in Venice.
10. Overnight hotel guests.

Fine for violating the rule-

If a visitor violates the rule of entrance fees, then they will be charged around 50 euros to 300 euros as a fine. In the Indian currency, it will be around Rs 4,000 to Rs 27,000.

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