Apple Set To Launch A New Feature In iOS 16 Models – Check Out What It Is

Apple may launch the ‘Always-on Display feature’ in iOS 16 models, know the news

If you are an iPhone user, then we have news for you. After getting the iOS 16 update, you may have a phone display, which will stay always on. According to a recent report, some tech examiners have found some references on Always-on Display in the iOS 16 update. The new feature may only come for iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. But not a single official announcement has been made yet.
According to a report for a tech portal, the brand Apple has added three new frameworks. All three are related to the Backlit Management segment of the device’s display. It helps to enable the Always-on Display feature.

News About the Always-on Display feature-

‘Always on Display ‘ feature might be a new thing for iPhone. But it is not the same thing for the Android models. Many handsets offer this feature in a mid-budget. Even Apple Watch Series 6 and 7 support the always-on display feature after the recent updates.
According to the latest hints, iPhone 14 models may own the ‘Always on Display ‘ feature. The last version of the iPhone, which is the iPhone 13, may get selected for testing by the engineers. But it may happen for 13 Pro and Pro Max variants. Some reports are saying that if the iPhone 13 models get the Always-on display feature, then it may affect the batteries of the devices. In that case, the refresh rates will get reduced up to 10 Hz.
Apple iPhone 14 expectations –
The Apple iPhone 14 may launch between October to November. Many changes might be made by the brand, in the case of the new series. Apple may skip the Mini model this year. The size of the display might be increased up to 6 inches. The premium models may skip the top-notch cutout of the selfie camera, this year.
To conclude we can say nothing has been announced officially till now. Only we can wait and lay on the reports of the iPhone 14 series in the meantime.
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