DETAILS: Apple Set To Launch A New 12-Inch And 15-Inch Macbook In 2023

Apple may launch 12-inch and 15-inch MacBooks in 2023, know the news

Tech giant Apple may launch a 15-inch MacBook Air next year, said sources. The brand has always introduced 14-inch models in recent times. The company is also preparing to launch a small-size MacBook Air device in future.
For a long time, Apple has worked with Intel Corp. In 2020, the brand discontinued the partnership and announced its latest chipset M2. In a world filled with the chipsets of the brands like Lenovo and HP, Apple has taken this venture. The new arrival of the chipsets has helped to increase the sales growth up to 10% of the brand.
The Company has launched a 13.6-inch MacBook Air model last year. The 15-inch models are going to be the wider variants of that. Earlier, Apple has decided to launch the 15-inch variants for this year. But the brand has skipped it in 2022 and focuses on the 13.6-inch MacBook Air model.
According to the report, the 15-inch MacBook Air model is going to be thinner than the recent one. The device will run under Apple’s M2 chipset. It will consist of a wedge-shaped frame like all the previous models.
The 13.6 inches MacBook Air models may launch in July this year. But right now, everything is completely dependent on the supply chain constraints.

A 12-inch MacBook model may launch soon- 

Apple has discontinued the 12-inch MacBook laptops from 2019. The brand is planning to launch a new version of the 12-inch MacBook soon. The brand has introduced 12-inch laptop models in 2015. But it got discontinued due to the low range of performance. During 2003 and 2006, Apple launched a 12-inch version of the Powerbook. It had an 11.6-inch screen.
Apple may launch a 14-inch and a 16-inch MacBook Pro model in 2023. Both of the models may run under M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets. Apple may also introduce a MacBook Pro device of 13 inches in July. It will work under the chipset.
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