Top Ten All-Time UCL Goal-Scorers

Europe has established itself as the Mecca of club football and the way clubs have manifested themselves in the ever-evolving panorama of the sport is an absolute spectacle for the fans to witness. Like the way national leagues have their own salience in the footballing roster, similarly, the holy convergence of the national champions in the UEFA Champions League is another interplanetary footballing extravaganza that still hails the arrival of footballers from every nook and cranny of the planet, even from any remote corners of the galaxy, if there is any. It is also a privilege to talk about those glorious UCL goal-scorers.

Being a part of this football revelry even from the sidelines is an unforgettable honour for every single fan out there who gets to see the impossible happen wherein the heroes tug in those strings of dreams by smashing the balls into the back of the net is nothing less than an inexplicable ecstasy that cannot be summed up into words.

In this story, we will take a quick look at the top ten scorers of the UEFA Champions League throughout the glittering antiquity of the tournament. These UCL goal-scorers have rung a bell so loud throughout the planet that the world will remember them for ages to come.

All-Time highest UCL Goal-Scorers:

Andriy Shevchenko – 48 goals

One of the best Ukrainians to have ever graced the sport, Andriy Shevchenko was one of the most menacing strikers. Plying his trade for Dynamo Kyiv, Chelsea and AC Milan, the 1.83 m towering marksman managed to smash in 48 netters in his prolonged span in Europe.

Thomas Muller – 48 goals

Hailing all the way from Germany and a Bayern loyalist that has seen him belting out heroic showdowns one after the other, the burly strike managed to grab 48 goals in his pursuit of excellence in the European extravaganza.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich – 48 goals

The Swede has left an indelible mark on the surface of football that has seen him stamping his authority over the footballing planet in style. He has played for illustrious clubs like Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG and Manchester United that has seen him bagging a staggering 48 goals in the football fest in Europe.

Thierry Henry – 50 goals

The French international whose exciting partnership with Zidane in his international colours was exhilarating, to say the least, emerged as an imperative hero Monaco, Arsenal and Barcelona. His stints with the Gunners and the Catalans are not just captivating but drove him to the very apex of the footballing fraternity in Europe. He managed to blast 50 goals in UCL.

Ruud Van Nistelrooy – 56 goals

The Dutch maestro was simply a class apart in his holy days at the different clubs that he played for. PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United and Real Madrid were fortunate enough to star his glorious moniker in their team lists. In his glittering antiquity in Europe, he was successful in scoring 56 goals.

Karim Benzema – 70 goals

The French striker is one of the coolest finishers that football has ever seen. Playing a significant amount of time for Real Madrid that saw him constituting the famous troika of BBC, he grabbed countless moments of glory for Los Blancos. During his long stay in Europe, Benzema has managed to bag 70 goals in the UCL.

Raul Gonzalez – 71 goals

The erstwhile Spanish captain and one of the finest Spanish strikers to have taken the field, Raul Gonzalez managed to bash in 71 goals in the hallowed contention of the European crown. He played for Real Madrid and Schalke before hanging his boots once and forever.

Robert Lewandowski – 73 goals

The Polish Brute has made it a habit to score regularly whenever he plays. Ever since his arrival at Bayern, he is a famished goal-scoring giant. He had one of the most sensational seasons at Bayern last year that saw him reigning supreme in Europe. He has scored 73 goals in the Champions League to date.

Lionel Messi – 120 goals

The football God, hailing all the way from Argentina has left a trail of carnage wherever he has been too. One of the most skilful playmakers of his era has also been a prolific goal-scorer that has seen ratting the net a staggering 120 times when it came to the Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 134 goals

The Portuguese marksman is one of the best goal-scorers the world has ever seen. Known for his scoring finesse under any kind of circumstances, Ronaldo has broken all the records of the Champions League and has set a benchmark that seems unbreakable from even the closest glances. He has bagged 134 goals in the Champions League.

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