Top Ten All-Time La Liga Goal-Scorers

La Liga goal-scorers: Out of all the top-flight European footballing leagues, if there has been one which has now kissed the skies in the recent decades, especially over the last two, it is La Liga and its popularity has now shot through the roof. Thanks to a couple of monikers in the last decennium who successfully brought the entire attention in the world to these two leagues with a captivating brand of football laced with some classic strikes that could be rivalled by none other, namely Cristiano Ronaldo who has now left Spain for the Old Lady and Lionel Messi, the heart of the Catalan giants.

La Liga, unlike any other leagues in Europe, has been bedecked with creativity and the stars featuring in the glittering firmament of the prestigious Spanish league has evolved themselves into artists of the highest order. Ever since Spain’s triumph in the 2008 Euro, Barcelona indoctrinated the tiki-taka style of football amongst its counterparts and even though only a few charred vestiges of the style remain, one major aspect from it that features one-touch football is the new live wire for La Liga.

As art prevails in Spain’s most resplendent league, we will take a look at those artists who have managed to light up the Spanish sky with variegated paints, rendering it a wonder from another galaxy. In this story, we will take a quick glance at the all-time top ten scorers of La Liga.

All-time highest La Liga goal-scorers:

Mundo – 196 goals

The Valencia paragon, Edmundo Suarez, dotingly known as Mundo amongst his fans managed to smash 196 netters in his prolonged career at Valencia. A lion’s share of those staggering numbers arrived for him while being a Che as he grabbed 187 goals from 208 caps. He scored the remaining nine goals for CD Alcoyano as he managed to flip in 9 netters from 21 clashes.

Pahino – 214 goals

Known for his ambidextrous exploits in the Spanish ranks, Manuel Fernandez Fernandez better known as Pahino wrecked a lot of Spanish clubs with his heroic showdowns. Plying his trade for three clubs which included Celta, Real Madrid and Deportivo, he managed to smash 214 goals from 278 fixtures. The most predominant fixtures of his arrived at Los Blancos as he was successful in scoring 111 goals for them. He also managed to win the Golden Boot twice which was another significant highlight of the air of the dominance that he used to don on himself whenever he was exuding brilliance on the field.

Enrique Castro Gonzalez – 219 goals

A five-time Golden Boot winner, Enrique Castro Gonzalez successfully hammered in 219 goals in La Liga. A legend at Sporting Gijon and one of the finest marksmen to have ever walked the planet, Enrique had an exceptional shot at his feet and his muscular ability in the air gave him an edge that landed him in the club of elites in La Liga. In a span of 448 games, he managed to win the Golden Boot a whopping five times, a feat that becomes synonymous with being an icon in La Liga.

Cesar Rodriguez – 221 goals

One of the most iconic players at Camp Nou, Cesar Rodriguez featured in 353 appearances in La Liga that saw him scoring 221 goals in stunning fashion. He won the league five times while managing to notch up the Golden Boot one time. His cameos at Elche CF, Granada CF and Cultural Leonesa were also a noteworthy extension of his bedecked footballing career.

Alfredo Di Stefano – 227 goals

A hat-trick that destroyed Barcelona and the doubts of him lingering in the borderlines anymore and being signed by Real Madrid over an ongoing dispute is one of the most glaring trails that Di Stefano blazed while being en route to La Liga. From 329 league appearances, he managed to bag 227 goals. He won the Balon d’Or twice and the Golden Boot five times to etch himself into the fabric of La Liga once and for all.

Raul Gonzalez – 229 goals

Though the difference between the last few names in this list has been extremely minimal, yet the brand of footballs that they have played in their glittering career for Spain and their respective clubs created the difference in their career. One of the most legendary strikers that Spain has ever produced, Raul Gonzalez Blanco managed to blast home 229 strikes from the 550 games that he played. He was a crucial part of the Galacticos and managed to win the UEFA Champions League thrice and the Golden Boot twice.

Hugo Sanchez – 234 goals

Hailing all the way from Mexico, Hugo Sanchez imposed himself upon the silky fabric of La Liga in stunning fashion as he managed to score 234 goals from the 347 League appearances that he has had. Known for his sharp finishing instincts, the Mexican crème-de-la-crème featured in Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano.

Telmo Zarra – 251 goals

Earmarked for exuding brilliance at the highest level, Telmo Zarra wrecked his opposition in the blink of an eye with his captivating and yet impudent brand of football, skinning his counterparts in a flash. An Athletic Bilbao loyalist and a Spanish icon, Zarra smashed 251 goals from 277 appearances and notched up the Golden Boot award a record six times.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 311 goals

Before leaving for Vecchia Signora in Italy, CR7 set the La Liga stage ablaze with a mesmerizing brand of football that made him the solitary player in the League’s history to score more goals than the number of the games he played. He managed to grab 311 finishes from the 292 caps that he has had. Apart from the zillion glories in his individual trophy cabinet, he has managed to win the Balon d’Or a record four times.

Lionel Messi – 467 goals

The Argentine God still continues to tote Barcelona single-handedly on his abraded shoulders as the previous generation of glittering midfielders who used to make life easy for the Argentine sensation vanished along with the glorious decade of football. However, this man has never stopped producing crazy stats that make him an absolute wonder to adulate. He has managed to smash home 467 goals from 511 League appearances.

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