Five Things That You Must Know Before Getting A Huskey

If you are a Game of Thrones aficionado, and there is one character that you can never hate or dispute, that is Ghost. A werewolf in the show, and one of the most adorable beasts that you would ever come across, its actual breed, however, is Northern Innuit.

Northern Innuit is crossbreed kin of the Siberian Husky. Despite the fact that the former breed of dogs are usually rare, Siberian Huskies are one of the most adulated dog breeds across the face of the planet.

Your resistance to own a Husky is futile because you will always fall for those cute eyes, the dense and cuddly fur and the beautiful and innocent soul that belies the cute ball of fluff.

However, petting a husky isn’t an easy job. There are a lot of criteria that you have to meet in order to properly take care of them. Hailing from the coldest areas, heat becomes intolerant for them. In this article, we will tell you five things that you must remember before getting a Husky.

#1 Free cuddles for your beloved “Ghost”

Ideally, dogs are pack animals and for a husky, this fact is even more apparent. Given the fact that he or she is isolated from their original pack, it is your family that replaces his family members.

A Siberian husky craves attention, interaction and a lot more love. It will wait for you at your gate when its your time to return, it will jump onto you and fill you with cuddles and licks. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It will accompany you, try and sit on your lap and snuggle beside you.

If you have plans of getting a husky, it will be best that you have someone or the other to accompany him or her for most of the time, another companion doesn’t hurt though.

#2 Your Husky is the king or queen of your house

A Siberian husky will generally get along with other pets till the time they lead the pack because of their sense of superiority.

Given their predatory instinct, Huskies do not do well with pets who are smaller. So in case if you have a mouse or hamster or most importantly, rabbits, things won’t really go down the way you want to.

Even if your other pets are confined, your huskies won’t really leave them alone. They will be fixated on them unless they manage to establish a line of superiority. However, if you want your husky to be integrated with other pets, you need to start the process at a very early age.

#3 Cooler climates must prevail

Siberian Huskies hail from cooler places as their namesake suggests, and it is best if it stays in a cool and calm place.

However, if you belong to a warmer area, you will need to ensure that the husky has access to ample shades, air conditioning and water. Otherwise, the heat can lead to severe problems.

#4 A husky does more workouts than Rocky Balboa

Huskies are usually sledge dogs and that straight away alludes to the fact that barring the extra ball of cuteness, they also have an additional amount of energy that must be burnt in order to thwart boredom or destructive behaviour.

You must be taking them for a regular walk and can spend some time outside with them. They make amazing jogging partners and can actually surpass you in terms of strength and energy. However, if you are from warmer places, any kind of exercise must be stringently averted.

#5 Learn to diet from your Husky

Despite the fact that a husky seems to be a pretty big dog, they actually eat very little. Their food habits include wee eating but gorging at regular intervals.

They love to create a fuss while eating and would actually go on for several days without eating. You may think this habit to be worrisome and try enticing your dog with different foods. However, the answer to this is tough love.

Also, since they are predators, it is important that the food that you give them contains ample proteins. Lack of proteins can lead to some serious trouble down the offing.

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