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7 Inventions That Came out of Mistakes

Inventions and discoveries are intriguing concepts that keep us hooked in this world and its ways. Irrespective of the many trials inventors and scientists go through, only a few can break through the shattering reality to achieve the unattainable. In the scope of satiating the hunger for knowledge, we often come to terms with discoveries that we cannot explain.

Today we are going to talk about the seven discoveries that are of extreme importance in our daily life. But, it would be wrong of you to assume that these Inventions were all planned. Without further ado, let’s jump into the topmost discoveries that were made just by chance.



The traditional and evergreen soda that stands without a doubt as the most popular beverage ever invented in the world, was not a planned project. Not known to many, the concoction was also not prepared by a chef but a pharmacist. John Pemberton the original creator of the drink was on his road to creating such a drink that would cure people of upset stomach and help the ailed. That is how the brilliance of Coca-cola was achieved. Currently, the drink has become such a rage, that it is a flavour of its own now.


The medicine that revolutionized the entire world of drugs was none other than Penicillin. It stood as the world’s first antibiotic and was invented by Dr Alexander Fleming in 1928. But this discovery was just fate working. The good doctor came by its existence when by mistake he left out a culture of Staphylococcus aureus before going on vacation. In return, he saw that the Petri dish had stopped the growth of the bacteria due to the growth of a mould over it. This mould was Penicillium notatum. 

Safety Glass

Another discovery that came up with just an idea was the introduction of safety glass. Back in 1903, humble scientist Edward Benedictus was working in his lab. He missed a step and knocked over a flask. Soon after he was fascinated by the fact that instead of the flask shattering into pieces it held its shale perfectly. This caught his attention and he realized that this was the magic of cellulose nitrate or liquid plastic. Thereby, he came up with the idea of safety glass.


Vulcanized Rubber

It would be wrong to say that it was a complete mistake as the creator of Vulcanized Rubber had been trying to invent weatherproof rubber for some time. But, it was not until 1839 that Charles Goodyear got a break. Charles by mistake dropped lead, sulphur and rubber on the hot stove. He was pleasantly surprised on realising that the rubber maintained its structure. Now used mainly in the production of tyres, it is also applicable in the making of shoes.

Stainless Steel

The concept of stainless steel was first put forth when the creation of rust-free barrels were being on the verge of production by Harry Bearly. The metallurgist soon understood his creation and went ahead to discover cutlery.



Roy Plunkett discovered Teflon by mistake on his journey of creating refrigerators for DuPont. While trying to create the complex machine he laid his hands and invented a material that did not stick and had zero reaction to high flames. This bought about an idea in Roy’s mind. Thus, Teflon was born which became a necessity for non-stick pans.


Wilson Greatbatch was trying to create and invent a resistor for contraption when he by mistake made a device that imitated heartbeats in a resistor. Thus, a revolution was bought about in the world of surgeries to aid people with complete heart blocks.


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