10 Things Exclusively Indian

Every country has specialities and rituals that are distinctly themselves. These small rituals help you not only understand your culture but accept it as a part of your day-to-day life. There is a saying you can take an Indian out of the country but never take the country out of an Indian. Thus, today we would take a look at 10 exclusive habits that are purely Indian.

Crossing Lanes

If you are an Indian you already know exactly what we are talking about. 10 out of 10 Indians have the habit of casually raising the hand towards oncoming traffic while crossing lanes and streets in the manner that is. It is a belief that every Indian has, that the drivers and fellow people on the street would accommodate each other in a way so that the hustle gets lessened. It is no secret that India is one of the most popular countries, thus in the rat race of the everyday morning, we do everything to save as much time as possible.

Gully Cricket

Don’t be fooled by the name, gully cricket is nothing like the cricket that you are originally familiar with. It has different rules, different boundaries and redefined guidelines. It’s a street version of regular cricket that is modified to suit the need of every growing child. Gully cricket is one of the most played games in the evening if you take a stroll through our streets.

Living Together

In high contrast to the idea of being self-reliant that countries promote, Indian remains at defence. In our country living with your parents is not bad but a marvellous thing. It shows love, affection, care and bond. People stay with their families even after getting married and joint families are the deal.

Plethora Of LanguagesĀ 

Indian is avidly supported by unity in diversity is a hub of uncountable languages. There is no one fixed language but multiple languages that different religions and cultures speak. We do have one national language, which is Hindi. Thus, knowing at least three languages is a very simple thing for every Indian.

Pet Names

Every relationship has a distinct name and not a generalized bond. As almost every relative goes down to uncle and aunt, it is not so simple for us Indians. Every relationship has a different name, for instance, your mother’s sister is your Masi and your brother is your Mama. This is just one single relationship. If you ever make a family tree it would surely confuse you at some point.

Bargain Queen

In India, the concept of fixed price is only applicable to shops that have the hoarding of the same hung or if you are shopping from malls. This is however not true if you are street shopping. India is filled with lanes that are specifically meant for street smart shoppers, and it will blow your mind away. However, you should know how to haggle. Every citizen is born and brought up with this unique quality of haggling that is unbeatable.

Spice Tolerance

We Indians do love our spices and concoctions, don’t we? The land of spice has a lot of variety and flavour to offer, and we should warn you that masala is our favourite condiment. Chillies are used in vast quantities in most dishes and might make you rush for a glass of milk if you are not from this country.

The Correct Way To Poop

This stands as the weirdest point in the entire article, does it not? But we can’t negate it as it is a solid truth. Toilets worldwide are of two forms western and Indians. The Indian toilets have the system of crouching down and sitting down. This is the best mechanism as per reports and studies. The force that is given by the upper thighs on your stomach is proven to clear the colon out more effectively.


India is the only country that is known to have more festivals than the number of months. Thus the concept of always having a reason to celebrate and enjoy becomes a ritual for us. A ritual that we are way too happy about.

Style of Eating

The classic Indian way of eating involves you sitting on a laid-out straw mattress on the floor with generous servings of food laid out on a cleaned banana leaf and you’re digging in straight with your hands. Once you try eating with your hand and develop satisfaction you may discard spoons.

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