Snapchat Is Testing A ‘Spotlight Replies’ Feature For The Creators-What Is It?

Snapchat is testing a ‘Spotlight Replies’ feature for the creators, know details

The popular instant messaging app Snapchat is working on a new feature. The feature will be very beneficial for creators. It will help them to build community along with the audiences and the creators. The new feature will be known as the ‘Spotlight Replies’. It will help the users to react to the spotlight videos.
While announcing the feature, Snapchat has said the feature has been made thoughtfully and it will be beneficial for the creators to maintain the community relationship. Let’s look at the details of the features –

What is a Spotlight Video-

A spotlight video feature is a short video feature like the Instagram reels and TikTok videos.
How will the Spotlight replies feature work?
The new feature will allow the audience to enter a text reaction to a creator’s spotlight videos. The replies will be moderated before sending them to the creators. A creator can control the appearance of the replies. They can select which replies will be shown to the public.
The spotlight replies feature will only be available to the public segment. The feature will not be available to the friend’s stories.
Moderation of the replies –
The audience replies will be moderated before reaching the creators. According to the company, for this, the feature will use machine learning techniques. The ML will search for all the inappropriate comments which will violate the community standards. Then the replies will be sent to the creators.
According to the company, the feature will keep the security of the minor users. All the things will be confidential through the in-app reporting. The feature will be available for the users of the Spotlight snap as well as the snap chatters who will view the spotlight videos.
The company has not announced the roll-out date of the new feature. The Spotlight Reply feature is under the testing session in New Zealand. The feature will soon be out for testing in other countries, said sources.
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