7 Mysterious Places In India-The Stories That Will Make You Feel Shocked

If you have a keen interest or weird attraction to eerie and mystery-filled places, this article is meant to be a treat in your feed. Below is a list of a few bewildering and thrilling spots, you can venture right into India. Even if you are not really looking forward to a visit, sit tight to binge yourself with knowledge relating to these bizarre places. These places are linked to secrets and facts that will shock you, and many of these places are forbidden and some treacherous. Hence, sit tight to read about these eerie and bizarre places, and if you want to visit, travel at your own peril.

Jatinga, Assam

Jatinga is a small tribal village which is located in Dima Hasao District, Assam. The village is inhabited by the Khasipnar tribe and Dimasa people. A strange occurrence in this area has continued to attract notice over time. Every year, hundreds of birds fall out of the sky on certain weeks of the year. This phenomenon has been the subject of research for years and has caught the interest of scientists and ornithologists. This is an odd behavior displayed by migratory birds. This usually happens during the months of September to November. People say it happens mostly on the moonless nights occurring in those weeks. The villagers hang lantern lights on poles which attract these birds and they start taking low flights and many get knocked out by the long bamboo sticks. Poets and ornithologists have talked about it in certain books. Scientists have not yet been able to concur on why such an occurrence in Jatinga happens. Some locals say that it’s the handiwork of evil spirits. Again it’s mostly based on superstition as held by many orthodoxical locals, as the scientists continue to dig into the mystery.


Kongka La Pass, Ladakh

Kongka La pass is located in the Himalayas and falls on the LAC. It is believed to be home to aliens. According to several reports, the pass is an active realm for UFO-related activities. The shocking fact is there is not much information, after all, that being said.

What wreaks havoc is the question that Why did UFOs choose the Kongka La Pass? For many decades, intense uncharted flare-ups and tensions occurred along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China. The place falls amidst the disputed border of India and China, where in 1962 both armies fought several battles. Later on, both countries entered into a settlement that no armed forces will be used to patrol the region from either nation. The LAC will be monitored from a distance. Many reports have claimed that many individuals happen to notice the heavy bizarre occurrences in this spot and, anticipate it to be a hidden base of UFOs.


In 2006, these phenomena gave Google Maps some shocking photographs that only reinforced a sense of utter confusion. Locals and tourists report that they have seen UFOs in the area. The mystery remains to mingle surrounding this pass.

Karni Mata temple, Rajasthan

The Karni Temple is said to hold an embodiment of Goddess Durga in Rajasthan. The temple is the most called upon tourist attraction in the state. The temple is also home to 20,000 rats scurrying about the property. It is believed that people who spot white mice in the temple are blessed by Goddess Karni. White rats are considered to be the incarnations of Karni Mata and her sons. The hurting or assassination of these rats, even by misjudgement is a cardinal sin in the temple. Upon the death of any mouse, a golden one is inaugurated in its place. As claimed in the reports, these kababs, as the mice are called in the temple, are believed to be very propitious and they are carefully protected and worshipped. It is even true that the rats hold more importance than the people venturing into the Karni temple.


Roopkund, Uttarakhand

The waterbody Roopkund is popularly named the Lake of Skeletons. Roopkund is at around 16500 ft above sea level and is surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow-clad mountains in Uttarakhand. It lies in the lap of Trishul massif. In 1942, while the stout summer heat began to melt the ice, a huge number of human skeletal remains were first spotted by a British forest ranger. Some people were of the notion that the skeletons were those of Japanese soldiers who were destined for an ill-fated death, as they were crossing this perilous route during the Second World War. However, scientists found that the bodies were dated 850 AD. Hence, they think these are the remains of the pilgrims and locals of that area.

Many others have a theory that the skeletons were of Zorawar Singh, a military general of Dogra Rajput ruler Gulab Singh of Kashmir and his men, who had lost their path while returning from the battle of Tibet in 1841, and died in the middle of the Himalayan region after the perilous weather and location devoured them. Some suggest that the skeletons are proof of an epidemic or a suicide ritual performed near the lake. In any case, these are just unsolicited theories.


Kodinhi, Kerala

Indian villages are generally famous for the crops, harvest, small-scale artisan home industries, and sanitation. On the other hand, in this peculiar Indian village in Kerala, human mimeos are found, literally. There is a village Kodinhi in Malappuram district, in which the birth rate of twin babies is probably the highest in India with a few cases of triplets too. This Muslim-majority village Kodinhi has a total population of 2000, and almost more than 400 individuals are twins. We can notice many children who look exactly the same, in the school and the nearby market of this village.

Around the world, there are cases of four twins on an average out of 1,000 babies, and in India, it is nine twins per 1,000 babies. But in the spectacular village of Kodinhi, 45 twins out of 1,000 babies are born on average. It is anticipated that Kodinhi stands second in the world after Nigeria’s Igbo-ora which is named the “Twin Capital of the World” where 145 twins out of 1,000 babies are born. It is said that this village is blessed by Gods, because twins are rare cases of birth, whereas in this village so many as 400 twins exist.


Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Abandoned since the 19th century, leaving behind an entire hamlet of collapsing houses and structures, the town of Kuldhara stands within the heart of the Thar desert, Rajasthan. It is believed to be haunted and the place has worn out its old lively self.

The story proceeds as the ruthless ruler of the town who was known for his malpractice of collecting the tax took a deep interest in the daughter of the subjugated village chief. He then decided to marry without the consent of the chief’s daughter. To escape humiliation the entire village consisting of 1500 members disappeared overnight. It is said that the villagers then cursed their town in a way that anybody trespassing it would be fated to untimely death.


Members of the Paranormal Society of Delhi stayed in Kuldhara for a night and claimed that unnatural movement kept happening. Unexplained moving silhouettes, footprints, noises, and touching of members.

Balaji Temple in Chilkur, Hyderabad

Indians are all passionate when it comes to travelling abroad and song wonders of other nations. But a lot of people are still waiting for their visas. Indians being typically spiritualistic, have sought a heavenly intervention as means of obtaining their visas at Balaji Temple, Chilkur, situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. It is believed that Lord Venkateshwara blesses everyone seeking their visas. If you want to fulfill your eternal want of going abroad then you must follow some rituals in this temple. For example, you have to perform 11 parikramas (circumambulations) around the sanctum while making your wish, and later on, you will have to perform 108 parikramas once your wish is fulfilled. Hence, most people follow this age-old ritual in Chilkur Temple. This ritual is mandatory in Balaji temple for visa applicants as well.


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