Shakuntala Devi biopic lets us experience the human calculator through Vidya Balan

Shakuntala Devi, the genius rose to fame as the human calculator. At the Imperial College of London, she had impressed the audience by coming up with the result of multiplying two 13-digit numbers in just 28 seconds!

She was not just a number connoisseur but also a writer, educator, and performing artist whose presentations were laced with humor. She was also an author who was one of the earliest people to talk about homosexuality in India. She was open and vocal about everything that went on in her life. Her personality was vivacious and her emotions were all rolled into one big possessive and affectionate person.

Anu Menon’s upcoming biopic on Shakuntala Devi has roped in none other than the prolific Vidya Balan who seems to be the only fit.

When asked about Shakuntala Devi to Vidya Balan she is quoted as saying, “When Anu Menon came to me, all I knew about Shakuntala Devi was what all of us knew about her – that she was a maths genius. I learned that she didn’t find the need to temper her expectations of herself because she was a woman. She enjoyed performing, her shows had a certain elan and were laced with humor. She loved the attention, she loved making people love maths and celebrating this gift she had. And she enjoyed the good life. She loved dancing. She would wear bright lipstick, she was always well turned out, and she colored her hair. She wanted the good life and she worked hard towards it.”

The one person who is not at all moved by Shakuntala Devi is her daughter Anupama Banerji, played by Sanya Malhotra. The mother-daughter duo is definitely going to give us some goals as it releases on Prime Video on July 31.

We are also going to see actor Jisshu Sengupta playing the role of husband of Shakuntala Devi. He is popular Bengali actor who has been dabbling in Bollywood for quite some time. Jisshu was seen in Piku and Netflix original Typewriter giving marvellous performances to remember.

When Anupama Banerji was asked to give a few words about her motheer, she said, “My mother had no boundaries and lived life to its fullest. It was interesting to relive all those instances and to reminisce about all that happened. It was a lot of mixed emotions. That is how our relationship was – up and down. The main thing was that I was ecstatic.”

When Menon was asked why she would cast Balan her reply was instant.

“They are very similar in the way they have lived their lives, they both have the courage to follow their inner voices. They don’t allow their self-worth to be determined by the validation of others. They both have high energy, this big laugh, the wit. Vidya has the same essence as Shakuntala – to do what you feel like and don’t worry about the consequences.”

We can well agree with that!

Watch the official trailer of Shakuntala Devi-Human Computer here:




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