5 Controversial Bollywood Title Changes

If you are in the industry of glamour, movies and media, you would have to be more than ready to combat controversies alone. This is because Bollywood and controversies are almost synonyms as proved by actions. It is rare to see a movie smoothly getting released in recent times without the dark cloud of controversy and fights raining hard on it. In India, religion has a vast influence, and it does affect a majority of the titles. Today we discuss 5 movies that faced wrath due to the titles assigned.


The Hindi remake of the South-Indian movie ‘Kanchana’ dealt with an extremely sensitive issue of the third gender. The movie that shows the injustice that most transgender people have to go through was previously named Laxmii Bomb. This was highly contested just before its release, as according to a few religious groups it deeply hurt the sentiments of Hindus as the title had the name of a goddess alongside an explosive. There were a lot of disagreements after which the Bomb was dropped from the title.


This is not the first time that the trio of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were put under vigilance. But, this surely was the worst experience of them all. The historical love story that relayed the story of Raani Padmaavati, was strongly opposed by Karni Sena. The group became highly aggressive with the point that the illogical and incorrect portrayal of the story is being sold to a mass. The anger went to the extent where the group announced a price of 10 crores to behead Padukone. This lead the movie to finally rename the movie from Padmaavati to Padmaavat. However, irrespective of the trouble, this stands as one of the biggest hits.

Goliyon Ki Raasleela RamLeela 

This is another film with the infamous trio. The film had a simpler name, Ramleela. However, this had to be changed because it enraged a lot of people especially the Kshatriya group. The title had the name of their deity Ram and demanded a name change. Following the enragement, the longer prefix was added.


The movie that is an underrated hit told the story of the life of a hairstylist. It seems harmless, right? But, this was not always the scenario. The movie that starred Shah Rukh Khan, Lara Dutta and Irrfan Khan together faced a lot of heat due to its earlier title. The movie previously was named Billu Barber, and was asked to change it to Billu Hairdresser as the term Barber sounded derogatory to all hair specialists.

R… Rajkumar

The film that was directed by the legend Prabhu Deva himself was at first titled Rambo Rajkumar. It did sound saucy and confident, but unfortunately, it could not be used. This time it was genuinely copyright issues as Hollywood already had a Rambo. Thus, to avoid major controversies the name was changed and toned down.



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