5 Celebrities Who Accepted Proposals from Fans

If you are the industry that screams media, the first thing that you need to ensure is your PR team. A strong PR team can bring up artists in a matter of time. Every celebrity, may it from any culture knows that if they don’t have a good rapport with their fans and is devoid of their support nothing much can come out of it.

Love begets love, this is a saying that most stars swear upon. A tinge of wit and sarcasm also goes a long way in this world that is ruled by the dominance of social media. Thus, let us talk about five roaring celebrities who accepted love proposals from their dear fan-family.

Tisca Chopra

TheĀ Taare Zameen ParĀ actress who has been an on and off face in Bollywood has a fan following that might take you by surprise. Known for selecting off-beat roles, Tisca has surprised her fan following with her talent, capability and courage. Recently she even added wit to the list after funnily accepting a proposal over Twitter. A fan named Rahul had proposed to her over social media stating “@tiscatime will you marry me?”. Tisca probably had a good laugh over it and replied ” Was just waiting to be asked, thank you. Yes I will. Please send me all details. My husband also wants to see who I am leaving him for”

Kapil Sharma

The man who redefined Hindi comedy and climbed his way to the top is not only known for his impeccable comic sense but a very kind and caring heart. The man who fought tooth and nail to attain his spot always finds time out to dedicate and connect to his growing list of followers. Back in 2016, when a girl requested him to be his valentine, Kapil took it seriously. He went on to scold the poor kid and also funnily added the fact that she should go to sleep as she might have to attend school the day after.

Raveena Tandon

The woman who is the interpretation of sheer strength, confidence and hard work remains one of the most respected actors in the industry to date. Raveena who can make the current generation weak in their knees with just a flip of her hair is also known over social media for her savage replies. Thus, when she received a proposal from Dr Anver Ali- she casually pointed out that he was “13 years too late”.

Sushant Singh Rajput

The powerhouse of Bollywood who left us too early was not only worshipped for his breathtakingly beautiful acting portrayals but also a very kind heart. Thus, when the all-rounder was proposed over Twitter, it was not a shock at all. Sushant took over the keypad to quickly express how the proposal should have come sooner as he was waiting to hear the words from her.

Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee is the epitome of fearlessness over Bollywood. Her witty, savage replies over random Twitter fights keep her in the loop and we can never have enough of her. That is why when she received a proposal stating the weird qualities of a fan, she shut him with a savage comeback. Let us check it out.

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